We offer a full range of hardwood flooring, tile, and carpet services based on many years of experience in helping people of Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding area.

Our services include:

  • Complimentary on-site consultations & estimates
  • Pre-finished & site-finished hardwood installation
  • Dustless Hardwood Sanding / Refinishing
  • Custom Stain Colors for Hardwood Flooring
  • Herringbone Patterns
  • Custom Hardwood Medallions
  • Flooring Borders
  • Flooring Inlays
  • Hardwood / Carpet / Tile Stairs
  • Flushmount / Topmount vents
  • Nail, Glue-down or Floating Installations
  • Carpet Installations
  • Tile Installations
  • Baseboard Removal
  • Baseboard Supply & Installation
  • Infloor Heating
  • Sound Proofing Floor Underlayments
  • Waterproofing of Showers

benwood interiors warranty

Our Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on all flooring installations and manufacturer warranty
on all products.

What To Expect

Delivery of Flooring Products

Our deliveries are Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm. We will do our best to give you an approximate time on the day of delivery.

Please ensure there is enough space inside the home for our delivery people to place the product and any other materials.

All wood products need to climatize to the interior surroundings.

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Hardwood / Tile / Carpet Flooring

  • Our installers typically start between the hours of 8 - 9 am and work until 5 pm. If you require specific dates or times, please notify your sales rep.
  • Being a renovation project, please expect some noise and dust. Our installers will do their best to control and minimize the amount of dust. Our table saw will be used outside on nice days or will be used indoors connected to a portable vacuum.
  • Please ensure all furniture/pictures are moved from areas that will be getting new flooring prior to the arrival of our installers.
  • When we do any type of flooring removal, disposal is included.
  • All subfloor seams are sanded to create a flat surface for hardwood installations.
  • All Hardwood, Tile, and carpet floors are vacuumed and/or tacked clean post installation.
  • Hardwood and subfloor will be checked for proper moisture content prior to installation.
  • On a site finished hardwood, it should not be cleaned or have area rugs for one week to allow finish to cure.
  • Engineered Hardwood floor over infloor heating: temperature should not be increased/decreased more than 3 degrees per day or exceed 26 degrees.
  • When carpet is layed, we do our best to keep all seams away from traffic areas. Unfortunately, some floor plans do not allow this. Seams are always less visual with plush shag or twist carpets and may show on some styles.
  • Natural products such as hardwood flooring or natural stone tile are all unique. Not one piece of wood or stone is identicle. They will all vary in character, color, and possibly size whoever the manufacturer. This is what makes these flooring products so unique and beautiful.
  • All tile installations will have PRISM GROUT used as it has the most consistant color and is the most stain resistant.
  • All tile floors that have just been layed require a 24 hours time period to set.
  • Flooring Transitions are made to coordinate not match. Finish or color may slightly vary.

Humidity Required In Home

Maintaining hardwood floors is key to its long lasting beauty. The proper humidity should be maintained to minimize gapping that may occur in the dry months. Ideally, you should have your humidity kept at 45% in your home year round. If you do not have enough humidity in your home, you may see possible gapping, checking (cracks) as well as some squeaking.

We suggest a hygometer to know true humidity level in your home. Excessive humidity in your home will result in expansion of the hardwood boards causing possible cuppage and even pressure cracks depending on grade of wood.

Recommended Humidity Settings:

  • 3/4" solid hardwood ( 35% - 55% )
  • Engineered hardwood ( 35% - 65% )
  • Bamboo Flooring ( 40%-60% )
  • Laminate Flooring ( 35%-55% )
benwood interiors 08We offer Baseboard Removal, Supply, and Installation.

Hardwood / Tile Maintenance

Maintenance of hardwood flooring and tile is an important concern for every floor owner. To keep floors looking beautiful for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. With Bona's maintenance range, cleaning couldn't be easier. Benwood Interiors offers all products needed for quality hardwood and tile care, designed for all finished, oiled and engineered hardwood floors and ceramic/stone/porcelin tiles. Our maintenance range includes products for both professional users and private floor owners.

DO NOT USE: water, vinegar, oils, waxes, household cleaners, wet swifters, steamers on hardwood as this WILL VOID WARRANTY.