Hardwood Flooring is a natural product that comes in many differnet species from forests around the world. Wood features natural variations in color and characteristics depending on the grade of wood selected as well as different grains depending on the cut of the log at the sawmill. This is something we can show you in our showroom.

Traditionally, there has been solid hardwoods available but now manufacturers have been supplying engineered hardwoods that consist of multiply layers of wood adhered together to create more of a stable product. First created to go where a solid could not. For example: over concrete or infloor heat. Now we see all wider widths being engineered (such as 5" widths or wider) because in dryer climates it will minimize the amount of shrinkage.  Typically, the wider the width, the more a board will expand and contract seasonally. 

Hardwood is also now very common having textures such as wirebrushed, distressing, or handscraping. This is very popular as it helps hide any markings (dints/scratches) a natural product such as wood can endure. Hardwood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its enviromental profile, durability, and restorability.

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