Cork floors have been long cherished for their striking looks, and natural warmth and comfort. Torlys new styling includes on-trend colours, thicker planks and now they are available in first ever extra long planks ! Measuring upto almost 6' in length.

Cork is composed of millions of tiny celluar air pockets, which is an extraordinary insulator, hypo-allergenic, quiet, warm, and exceptionally comfortable to walk on. It reduces heat loss in rooms, helping to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. With Torlys new Smart Finish, it is 50% more durable than past finishes. Making it the strongest and most enviromentally-friendly finish that they have created.

Torlys is the first to achieve FSC Certification on their cork collection. They believe the only proper way to supply cork products is through sustainably managed forests.

Our Cork Suppliers

Benwood Torlys