Carpet is a flooring option that many people enjoy. It is a product that creates warm and comfort while giving sound deadening qualities. Carpet fibres actually improve air quality as it is lowest in VOC's. It acts as an airfilter, trapping dust from being airborne improving a persons breathing zone. Carpet is a sustainable choice. Our manufacturers minimize carpets impact on the environment by recycling old carpets to make new carpets or use old carpet in anything from shingles to automotive parts, creating no waste.Popular fibre options are nylon, polyester and polypropylene. In all cases, the heavier the oz weight for carpet/the heavier the lb weight of underlay, the longer life of your carpet.

Style Options Excellent Excellent Fair
Color Options Excellent Good Fair
Soil Resistance Excellent Fair Fair
Stain Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Texture Retention Excellent Good Fair

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