Hardwood Flooring is a natural product that comes in many differnet species from forests around the world. Wood features natural variations in color and characteristics depending on the grade of wood selected as well as different grains depending on the cut of the log at the sawmill. This is something we can show you in our showroom.

Traditionally, there has been solid hardwoods available but now manufacturers have been supplying engineered hardwoods that consist of multiply layers of wood adhered together to create more of a stable product. First created to go where a solid could not. For example: over concrete or infloor heat. Now we see all wider widths being engineered (such as 5" widths or wider) because in dryer climates it will minimize the amount of shrinkage.  Typically, the wider the width, the more a board will expand and contract seasonally. 

Hardwood is also now very common having textures such as wirebrushed, distressing, or handscraping. This is very popular as it helps hide any markings (dints/scratches) a natural product such as wood can endure. Hardwood is a common choice as a flooring material due to its enviromental profile, durability, and restorability.

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Carpet is a flooring option that many people enjoy. It is a product that creates warm and comfort while giving sound deadening qualities. Carpet fibres actually improve air quality as it is lowest in VOC's. It acts as an airfilter, trapping dust from being airborne improving a persons breathing zone. Carpet is a sustainable choice. Our manufacturers minimize carpets impact on the environment by recycling old carpets to make new carpets or use old carpet in anything from shingles to automotive parts, creating no waste.Popular fibre options are nylon, polyester and polypropylene. In all cases, the heavier the oz weight for carpet/the heavier the lb weight of underlay, the longer life of your carpet.

Style Options Excellent Excellent Fair
Color Options Excellent Good Fair
Soil Resistance Excellent Fair Fair
Stain Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent
Texture Retention Excellent Good Fair

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Ceramic and porcelin tiles are some of the longest flooring options on the market today. These tiles are waterproof and some are even designed to provide better traction, making it the best options for swimming pools, showers, patios, and other wet areas. Tiles are very easy to clean, have no VOC'S and are inhospitable to dustmites, mold, and bacteria. It resists dirt, stains and is also fade resistant.

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Cork floors have been long cherished for their striking looks, and natural warmth and comfort. Torlys new styling includes on-trend colours, thicker planks and now they are available in first ever extra long planks ! Measuring upto almost 6' in length.

Cork is composed of millions of tiny celluar air pockets, which is an extraordinary insulator, hypo-allergenic, quiet, warm, and exceptionally comfortable to walk on. It reduces heat loss in rooms, helping to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. With Torlys new Smart Finish, it is 50% more durable than past finishes. Making it the strongest and most enviromentally-friendly finish that they have created.

Torlys is the first to achieve FSC Certification on their cork collection. They believe the only proper way to supply cork products is through sustainably managed forests.

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Dustless Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

Introducing dustless hardwood sanding/finishing for your home! After many years of wear and tear a hardwood floor needs refinishing. Perhaps you just want to restore it the way it was, or you take the opportunity to change the appearance. If you were worried that sanding/refinishing your hardwood floor would involve hours of cleaning up afterwards, worry no more. When you get the hardwood in your home sanded, the Bona Dust Care System captures the dust generated on the spot. In fact, the Bona dustless hardwood sanding unit delivers air quality that's better and cleaner than the ambient air found in most homes.

When choosing stain colors, we have a large selection of options to choose from or you have the option of custom colors at no extra charge. As long as you have a sample, we will have our specialists match the color allowing you any visual design you are trying to acheive. We also have muliply sheen options ranging from oil to waterbourne finishes, naturale, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Even ANTI-SLIP options for stairs. "Flooring at its Finest"